Personal Growth Discipleship Track

  • authentic friendship discipleship track

    Authentic Friendship is defined as being open and vulnerable with each other, sharing our lives together as family, and always calling each other up to the next level. This track will teach the disciple the importance of living in community with one another, and the practical outcomes of authentic friendship. 

    Authentic Friendship Discipleship Track

  • biblical Literacy Discipleship track

    Biblical literacy is defined as having an everyday relationship with the author of the Bible and letting him speak and transform you through his written word. This track teaches the disciple how to use the Bible to have a better relationship with Heavenly Father, and how to speak to other people the truths of scripture.

  • Common Discipleship Track

    An introduction to discipleship. This is a common discipleship track that all new members will move through before they get into their personalized discipleship tracks. It will be foundational information and revelation that is imperative to grasp before moving to deeper levels in discipleship.

    Common Discipleship Track

  • Constant Witness Discipleship Track

    Constant Witness is defined as, living a life that is a witness to the glorious Lord Jesus, being an evangelizing people (not merely participating in an evangelism effort), and witnessing to Father’s grace and peace at all places and times! 

    Constant Witness Discipleship Track

  • Divine Health discipleship Track

    The Divine Health track is for all interested in and passionate about being the healthiest Son or Daughter the Father has intended you to be! You will learn how the unity of your entire being (mind, body, and spirit) lines up with what Father has for you. 

    Divine Health Discipleship Track

  • Maturing Worship Discipleship Track

    Maturing Worship is defined as learning, growing in, and expressing our unique identities in musical worship to Father and glorifying Him with our entire lives. We will go through a book together, do group exercises, and get sound teaching on many subjects. This track is not intended to teach a musical instrument.

    Passionate and Maturing Worship Discipleship Track

  • Radical Generosity Discipleship Track

    Radical Generosity is defined as becoming more generous in every giving opportunity, getting out of debt, and turning into the love of Christ through giving! We will go through a book together, do group exercises, and get sound teaching on many subjects.

    Radical Generosity Discipleship Track