Awakening Youth is a gathering of Middle School and High School students, growing and becoming equipped to release the Kingdom of God everywhere they go. Romans 8 speaks of all creation waiting and longing for the true sons and daughters of God to rise up in their identity. This is the mandate on Awakening Youth - Raise up sons and daughters of God that know their Father, and release His goodness into the world. 

We believe that there is no such thing as a "Junior Holy Spirit". The same giftings, talents, and anointing available to adults is available to each and every student. We are raising up students confident in their giftings, and equipped to utilize those giftings in every circumstance they come into contact with. Our desire is to see revivalists rise up, that will go into the world and restore the broken, spoken of by Isaiah 60 and 61.

Our gatherings, games, teachings, camps, and trips are established around six characteristics of the Kingdom of God.

  • Biblical Literacy : A gathering of students that read, study, and discuss scripture together and grow in understanding in community
  • Radical Generosity : Our Father is radically generous and calls us as His children to be the same with our time, resources, and love
  • Sacrificial Service : Jesus modeled an incredible life of service to those around Him and those who didn't yet know Him. We get to respond to that model in our lives with those around us!
  • Maturing Worship : We will grow in our worship to our Father. Our understanding of how to worship, when to worship, and where to worship will continue to grow and expand as we encounter the Lord more and more
  • Authentic Friendship : We will be a gathering of students and leaders that are connected with each other deeply that will cause care and devotion to each other to grow
  • Constant Witness : We will live in a community of students confident in who their Father is and ready and excited to share His goodness with those around them at any moment

Sunday Nights : Worship Service

5:30pm - Awake Cafe is open with snacks and games
6pm - Service starts with worship and speaking

Wednesday Nights : Connect Groups

6:30pm - Awake Cafe is open with snacks and games
7pm - Connect Groups start